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Cambridge Walking Tours

Stride Cambridge Walking Tours

Make the most of Cambridge with our guided walking tours and Stride through the cobbled streets of this historic university city. Our walking tours will take you through all the famous sights of Cambridge from the prominent colleges like St John’s, and King’s to the Market square and the legendary tree from which the apple fell on Sir  Isaac Newton.

Our Blue badge tour guides will serenade you with historical anecdotes, stories about Cambridge, its famous scientists, and the spectacular architectural buildings in Cambridge. Not to mention, all the hidden gems that only our tour guides know about.

Shared guided walking tours


Stride through the history of Cambridge and unveil all its secrets with our public guided walking tour from our blue badge guides.  The tour visits well-known mediaeval colleges such as Trinity, St. John’s, Gonville and Caius, King’s, and Corpus Christi. How the colleges were founded and came to be. Moreover, you will pass over the amazing 12th-century The Church of the Holy Sepulchre known as the Round Church, St Benet’s 11th-century church,  Great St Mary’s and Old Schools. And of course, the historic Cavendish Laboratory, where 30 members have won the Nobel prize for amazing scientific discoveries like the structure of DNA. 

The Tour also includes the famous royal air force eagle pub in Cambridge and some anecdotes about Cambridge locals and students. Find out how some engineering students pulled out a prank and managed to hoist a car on the roof of the senate-house of Cambridge university.  The tour starts at 13:00 pm and lasts for 90 minutes.

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Private Guided Walking Tours


Stride through historical and contemporary Cambridge in a 90-minute private walking tour unveiling all the famous sights. Our private walking tours take you on a journey to explore world-famous colleges like Trinity where Ernest Rutherford attended college at the University of Cambridge, St Catherine’s where legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen studied , and St John’s to name a few. 

The tour includes so many interesting spots in Cambridge as the Cavendish Laboratory, famous for 30 Nobel Prizes in different fields.  Also, you will learn all the secrets about the intriguing  Corpus clock  that was designed by DR John C. Taylor to symbolize time .

Punting in Cambridge

Private Walking Tours

Your visit to Cambridge is not complete without a guided punting tour. An iconic part of Cambridge heritage. Punting is the perfect way to see the Colleges and bridges that are not visible by foot. Sit back and relax on a traditional wooden punt while you pass world-famous sights in style.

Whether you opt for a shared or private tour, your time on the river will be one to remember. The combination of both walking and punting will ensure that you have seen every angle of the city regardless of whether you are a solo traveller, family, or corporate group, you will surely leave Cambridge with a one of a kind experience.

Stride through some of Cambridge sights

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